About Us

Hey there!

Welcome to The Teacher's Toolbox Australia. My name is Ari and I am a Year 1/2 Teacher living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

During my graduate year, I have personally felt the stress associated with preparing for my classroom. It was during this process that I found a passion to make resources that could be useful to myself and others.
It was my vision when starting The Teacher's Toolbox Australia, to make a store that could supply resources to reduce classroom stresses and that allow teachers to focus on what they do best: TEACH. 

Across the year, I have worked continuously hard to create products that are extremely useful in your learning environment. In the design process, I have not only wanted to create products to make your job easier, but to be fun and engaging too.

I also wanted to create a community of people who are passionate about education and benefiting the lives of their students both in and out the classroom.
Thanks for visiting my page! I am looking forward to having you on this journey and sharing The Teacher's Toolbox with you.